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Best In The Business

Demolition Johannesburg follow strict rules and guidelines and follow a planned out regime that ensures smooth and successful demolition, every time, from big to small, residential to commercial.


With fully trained and equipped technicians on site, building demolition has never been better or safer than Demolition Johannesburg's quality services.

Right Tools & Equipment

All the right tools for the right demolition job. All technicians come fully equipped and prepared with all the necessities to start building demolitions safely and securely.

Time Is Everything

Once Demolition Johannesburg are on the scene, preparation and safety guidlines and precautions are put in place, saving you time and prepping you for the future steps.

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Get The Most Out Of Demolition Johannesburg

For anybody and any demolition required, Demolition Johannesburg is the #1 demolition company throughout Gauteng Province who offers superior demolition services, whether it's building demolition or house demolition, residential or commercial!

Building Interior Demolition In Johannesburg

Johannesburg's most desirable and go-to demolition experts who do demolition on a big or small scale, for residential and commercial clients who seek steel demolition, bricks demolition, building demolition, house demolition or even foundation demolition, bathroom and kitchen demolition, pool demolition, general wall demolition or rock demolition. Whatever service it is you may seek, you've found the right demolition company who'll get the job done perfectly without a hitch.

Demolition Johannesburg's Demolition Experts

Employ The Best, Get The Best!

When it comes to complex tasks that require exact calculations and decisions, the complete train of thought and mindset for the demolition of buildings, Demolition Johannesburg have exactly that in mind and is put into action for every and all demolition steps carried out to ensure everyone's safety and successful demolitions.


Demolition Johannesburg is the best demolition company with a multitude of demolition services offered to everyone throughout Gauteng province. Apart from offering the best demolition services and customer satisfaction, Demolition Johannesburg also makes the experience easier and more pleasant to the customer by offering cleanup services as well. All construction and demolition waste are removed from the demolition site to start off the new potential future plans with a clean slate.

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Heavy Machinery Gets The Job Done Flawlessly!

Fully equipped with all the correct tools and heavy machinery, Demolition Johannesburg makes any and all building demolitions look easy every time with smooth and flawless construction demolition! There is absolutely nothing standing in the way of Demolition Joburg.

Building Demolition In Johannesburg With Heavy Machinery

For small demolition, it doesn't really take much more than just a few technicians and their hand-powered tools in scenarios like interior wall demolition, bathroom demolition or kitchen demolition. But for total demolition of a building where heavy machinery is required to get the job done fast and efficiently, Demolition Joburg has exactly what it takes in the demolition of buildings. Using specialised equipment saves you a lot of time and money with reduced work hours and fewer technicians on site doing what a single piece of equipment can do in the same amount of time with less effort.

Demolition Johannesburg's Timely Work Schedule

Wasted Time Equals....

Demolition Johannesburg knows the value of time and values your time. They know that wasting time is throwing money away and for those reasons, once a demolition job has begun, it gets completed within a planned out time frame whilst sticking to their strict rules and guidelines to ensure building demolition in a safe, timely manner.


Demolition Johannesburg's motto is "It's time to take action, not for our actions to take time" and for that same reason, once a demolition plan has been set out and are ready to put that demolition plan into action, all demolition work is carried out to the fullest in a timely manner. From residential demolition services to industrial services, from large office demolitions to houses, all demolition jobs are treated in the same timely manner. Getting the job done as fast as possible means new development projects can be taken on quicker as well. Just another reason Demolition Johannesburg is your one and only ultimate building demolition experts available province wide!

Who Are We?

Demolition Johannesburg....

....are the BEST demolition experts around Gauteng Province! Demolition Johannesburg started out as a small venture into the demolition business working on smaller scale projects that only required hand tools and a small group of technicians that eventually lead them to be Gauteng's leading go-to demolition company with the heavy machinery necessary for big scale buildings, multiple teams of experienced technicians without outstanding results.

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